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Adam D'Arcy

Adam spent 9 months in our Cork office as part of his University of Limerick co-op placement. He shares his experience of being an intern at RDJ and the social outlets he participated in during his time here. 

I am a legal intern in the Commercial Litigation department. This means I get the opportunity to work in a variety of areas, with a number of different people.

The commercial litigation department includes several different areas: administration law, alternative dispute resolution, healthcare, insurance, media and professional indemnity. I have had an opportunity to work in all areas, which has meant that no two days have been the same. I am surprised with how busy I have been and the quality of work that I have been given. Most prospective law interns have visions of themselves standing in front of the photocopier all day, but this has not been the case at RDJ. I have been fortunate to be working in such a helpful and friendly environment. Everyone is approachable, be it a solicitor, a trainee solicitor or a member of the support staff. This positive environment has made RDJ a great place to work.

My favourite aspect of my co-op to date would be attending the High Court in Dublin or attending important settlement talks. 

It has been a fantastic experience attending the High Court in Dublin on a regular basis, where I have seen law in action and have worked closely with solicitors and barristers. I have generally been filing legal documents in the High Court Central Office or attending on a barrister, who would present our case to the judge. I have also had the opportunity to attend settlement talks that ran for a few days in Dublin. It was a real contrast to see how a case can come to its end point in a different manner.

The firms focus on social outlets for staff was also apparent.

There have been several activities organised by the firm throughout my time in RDJ. I have been involved with the RDJ soccer team, tag rugby team and a Dublin City Triathlon, an event the firm sponsors. There have also been several social events organised throughout the year by the firm that enabled everyone to interact with each other on a less formal basis.

I am very fortunate and grateful to be completing my co-operative placement in a firm of such stature as RDJ. The experience has been a great benefit to me, not only in understanding the law and my course, but also to my own social and personal development, which you can only gain from the experience of working in a place like RDJ. This firm has shown me that the best way you can ever learn to do something, is to do it yourself, paired with the guidance of people who are experts in their field.

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