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Privacy in the Workplace – Processing of employee data

By Harry Wall
15th August, 2017

The EU Data Protection Working Group – the Article 29 Working Party (the “WP29”) has published a revised opinion in relation to data processing in the workplace and employee monitoring. The WP29 has previously produced guidance around employee privacy and monitoring, emphasising the importance that is placed on maintaining a balance between safeguarding employers’ interests and protecting the privacy of employees. This latest opinion builds on that earlier guidance by focusing both on technologies that have come into use in the period since the previous guidance issued and concurrent obligations set to be introduced under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Read RDJ’s overview of the revised opinion taking in issues of the legal grounds for processing employee data; social media in recruitment and in-employment; monitoring information and communication technology (ICT) usage; and employee consent and the GDPR and setting out some key take aways for employers here.


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