Connie Wiseman

What is it like working as CIO in a law firm?

Working as a CIO in a law office is certainly a wide brief! The legal industry is dealing with disruption in technology right now like it has never experienced before. Only the most agile law firms will prosper. RDJ’s IT team is focused on efficiency, security and delivering technology to the business. Our role is to promote a progressive-thinking culture when it comes to the use of technology in delivering legal services and facilitate our lawyers to be the most valuable resource in our customer’s deals. On any given day we can be involved with digital transformation, lean engineering, operational improvements, security brainstorming, or even giving staff advice about how many hours their kids should be on Fortnite.

Looking to the future, name the likely digital or technological innovation that excites you the most.

Most business’ know that there are many ways it can improve the way that it carries out its work. The exciting piece today is that we are seeing amazing technologies that allow the repetitive, high volume, rule based work to be automated in a way that was never previously available. RPA systems that allow bots to be rolled out in quick order is possible for the business that has controlled and understood its workflow. RDJ has made significant investments in technology that have allowed us to improve efficiencies in the legal process, use AI to automate time-consuming administrative functions, and develop new and deeper insights for our clients.

Tell us about your involvement in the Cork Santa Cycle.

A close friend of mine began a charity a number of years ago that strives to take children off the HSE waiting list who are awaiting life changing Scoliosis operations. His charity ‘Straight Ahead’ operates on patients at weekends, holidays and even Christmas pro bono. He imagined operating on 5 children and the difference it would make to those kids and their wider family circle. As of today he has operated on more than 120 kids and changed their lives. These are the kids that would have not been operated on in time if left to the HSE. He asked if I would setup a Cork cycle for the charity and it was an easy decision, particularly when you see what he personally puts into it. RDJ have sponsored the Cork Santa Cycle since it started in 2016. It’s great fun to see 400+ Santas cycling through Cork for an initiative that has already put nearly €50,000 into Cork child paediatrics.

What hobbies/past times do you enjoy?

I love sports and anything that involves people pushing themselves. I have been very involved in Triathlons for the last 10 years and love the whole comradery of the training groups. I also enjoy sailing dingies, windsurfers and yachts throughout the year. My winter sport is snowboarding and I am a level 1 BASI snowboard instructor and hope to get my level 2 next March. Having at least one training session of some sort each day makes me operate better!

What was your favourite job? (before RDJ, of course!)

Definitely RDJ! But before that, a ski guide in the Pyrenees.

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