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  • In business we like to plan ahead but effective planning has always depended on at least a handful of certainties, certainties that are now largely absent. Businesses are having to adapt to transformative changes in areas such as digital ways of doing business, changing consumer demands, remote working, restricted interactions and reduced cash flows.

    For many, adapting to this changed world requires new strategies, new business models and an entirely different approach to ways of working.

    At RDJ, our Business Response team are here to help with the immediate challenges of establishing a safe and secure workplace, adapting to the new business landscape, and balancing growth and access to capital.  We are also here to help navigate the road ahead, identify opportunities and build a more resilient future.

  • People + Workforce

    With the introduction of the National Return to Work Safely Protocol, employers are tasked with implementing compulsory measures to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, including social distancing, COVID-19 induction training and putting the correct safeguards in place.

    Some employers have had to restructure their workforce in light of these new measures. Working from home and absence policies have to be reviewed and employers need to be cognisant of vulnerable employees during this transition period.

    RDJ employment team are actively advising employers on:

    • - Return to the workplace compliance issues
    • - Health and Safety considerations - mandatory Protocols, managing vulnerable employees, amendment of existing Policies and Procedures
    • - Working from Home, Health & Safety considerations and appropriate policies
    • - Temperature Testing: employment law and data protection considerations
    • - Interpreting emergency legislation
    • - Same-day urgent advice on implementation of legislation
    • - Application of collective consultations, lay off, redundancy, remote disciplinary hearings
  • Future Focus

    At RDJ, our team is here to help you manage and mitigate your risk, realise potential opportunities and plan for the future of your business.

    We are actively advising clients on:

    • - Key contractual obligations and managing performance shortcomings
    • - Government supports
    • - Restructuring
    • - Value driven acquisitions and investments
    • - Refinancing
    • - Tax implications of business planning in a changing business environment
    • - Examinerships
    • - Governance to drive growth
    • - Real Estate and leasing options (including re-gearing)
  • Risk Management and Dispute Resolution

    The economic disruption caused by COVID-19 has resulted in instability and uncertainty in many business relationships. Many companies find themselves unable to meet existing contractual obligations with counterparties looking to enforce such obligations.

    At RDJ, our team is focused on protecting your business by resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.

    We are actively advising clients on:

    • - Force Majeure/Frustration/Specific Performance
    • - Business disruption-related disputes
    • - Delay claims in a variety of contracts, including construction contracts
    • - Landlord v Tenant disputes
    • - Business interruption insurance policy disputes
    • - Procurement disputes
    • - Supply chain disruption
    • - A wide range of employment disputes
  • COVID-19 Resource Centre

    DISCOVER MORE – visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre

    The RDJ team continue to provide guidance and targeted thought leadership on a wide range of COVID-19 related issues. If you would like to be notified of our upcoming webinars and Insights on how to best manage and mitigate your risk please sign up here.


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