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Georgina O'Brien

Talk us through the RDJ solicitor trainee programme

My RDJ journey started back in 2016 when I worked with the firm for a month as part of the Summer Internship Programme. I started my traineeship in January 2017 and worked in the general litigation department. What stood out to me immediately was the positive atmosphere in the firm, everyone was just so welcoming and friendly. It was great to be trusted with files from the get go and I loved the diversity of the work. I really enjoyed meeting clients, progressing files and attending court.

After my PPC1 exams, I began my second rotation in the Corporate and Commercial Department. This was quite a high paced environment and the work varied from assisting on complex transactions to company secretarial work. Client satisfaction was undoubtedly at the forefront of the department. It was an invaluable experience to attend client meetings and to be involved in closing transactions. I am currently working in the Property Department and I love the variety of work here from large scale commercial transactions, examining leases to residential matters, you are learning on a constant basis.

When did you decide to study law?

My Dad is a solicitor so it was always a career choice that I considered and found interesting. When I was younger I used to help around the office and I sat in on some of his cases which sowed the seed for studying law in college! I decided to study Law and Irish in University College Cork. It was a great 4-year degree programme. I knew that my interest was more directed to the law side of things than Irish from the beginning. In third year, I had a work placement in a local law firm and stayed there for 9 months which was a great experience. I graduated in 2015, started my traineeship in 2017 and haven’t looked back!

Something you’ve learned being here at RDJ

I’ve learned so much during my time in RDJ but the one thing that stands out is the importance of self-confidence and bringing your own personality to the job. Being trusted with files and being actively involved in court and client interactions means that you must develop your self-confidence as early in your traineeship as possible. It’s a difficult skill to work on but it is worth it as it makes the development of strong relationships with your colleagues and clients a lot easier.

What hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?

My main passion is music and singing. I was always involved in choirs both in school and in college and I loved every minute of it. I studied classical singing to Grade 6 and musical theatre to Grade 8 with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Nowadays it is mostly sing-songs at family events but I enjoy it just as much! I’ve dabbled with lots of instruments and I’m currently learning to play bass.

What’s your favourite movie?

My taste in movies extends from psychological thrillers to Disney movies. It is too tough to narrow it down to one but some of my favourites include The Green Mile, Get Out and Aladdin. I would consider myself a bit more of a TV series kind of girl than a movie buff though. I love Luther, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Black Mirror and more recently, The Sinner. A bit of a dark trend, but I do love a good twist.

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