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Cyber and Data Protection

“Privacy, a human right for the digital age” 

The legal practice and challenge of Data Protection

Jennifer O’ Sullivan, Solicitor, Ronan Daly Jermyn recently presented an online segment on Data Protection in the Workplace for the Law Society’s Massive Online Course (MOOC) in Data Protection 2016.  

View the full presentation here

In her segment, Jennifer discusses topical issues affecting all organisations with respect to their management of data in the workplace, including:

  • How data protection has a particular impact in the workplace environment from pre-employment through to termination and beyond.
  • The data protection considerations at the recruitment stage.
  • Advice on implementing and reinforcing a culture of data protection compliance amongst employees and managers.
  • Data access rights and the issues that arise where these are made in the context of a workplace dispute or litigation.
  • Risk areas for organisations in managing workplace data.
  • Monitoring of employees
  • Social media and data protection
  • Data protection considerations where an individual leaves employment.

For more information on how we can assist your organisation with any of the above issues, please contact:

Jennifer O'Sullivan, +353 21 480 2746,  

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