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  • More than law.

    Want to join a firm with a collegial, dynamic work environment where everyone is supported to achieve their potential in work and life? At RDJ, our team is comprised of talented, ambitious individuals with experiences that often extend far beyond law. In our More than Law series below, we sit down with some members of our team to get their take on the future of law and what inspires them, both inside and outside the office.

  • Brendan O'Connell | Partner

    Brendan is a partner in RDJ’s litigation and dispute resolution
    group. He is also current captain of the Irish Intermediate Soccer
    team and has 65 caps for Ireland.

    Read about Brendan’s football career, leadership skills he has
    learned from sport and what inspires him most here

  • Sarah Slevin | Solicitor

    Sarah is a member of RDJ's Cyber and Data Protection team. 
    She talks about what attracted her to a career in law, technology
    trends she is following and the future of the legal profession.

    Read more about Sarah here

  • Georgina O'Brien | Trainee

    Georgina discusses what life is like as a trainee in RDJ,
    why she decided to study law and her passion for music. 

    Read more about Georgina here

  • Adam D'Arcy | Intern

    Adam spent 9 months in our Cork office as part of his University of
    Limerick co-op placement. He shares his experience of being an intern
    at RDJ and the social outlets he participated in during his time here. 

    Read more about Adam's experience here

RDJ | More than law

Interested in learning more about life at RDJ?

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