Priscilla Munkhondia

Why did you decide on a career in HR, why RDJ?

I have always been interested in law and was delighted to join RDJ as a legal secretary in 2015.  I was fortunate early in my career at RDJ to work closely with the then Human Resources (HR) Manager, Marie McSweeney who was a fabulous mentor and a big influence in my decision to go back to college and study HR. RDJ were hugely supportive of my decision to return to college and in helping me balance work and study.

‘Cultural fit’ or seeking out individuals who align with your company’s unique culture and values is an essential part of effective hiring for any company. How would you describe the culture at RDJ?

I would describe RDJ as a progressive firm with an incredibly open, respectful and inclusive culture. Our team is a fantastic mix of backgrounds, perspectives and ideas. It’s important to us that our employees reflect the diversity of our clients and the wider world in which we operate in. RDJ was recently awarded a silver level status with Investors in Diversity, an accreditation that measures the sense of fairness and belonging through our employees’ perspective. We are one of only a few organisations in Ireland to have achieved this standard.

Tell us about your Malawi heritage?

I was born in Malawi but moved to Ireland permanently when I was 12.  It was a huge change, especially the weather. Because I have spent more of my life in Ireland than Malawi, I consider Ireland my home and for that reason made the decision to apply to officially become an Irish citizen. I was delighted to be granted citizenship earlier this year and then to participate in a virtual citizenship ceremony in July which I found to be a very emotional experience.

If I wasn’t a HR professional, I would be…

Traveling the world and writing about my experiences. 

People who inspire you…

My parents who worked very hard to give me and my siblings every opportunity in life. It’s only now that I’m older I appreciate how my mother in particular successfully juggled a busy career with raising children.

I would also say women who pave the way for future generations. When I moved to Ireland Mary McAleese was President and before her Mary Robinson held the office.  This to me was and still is inspiring. Ireland has progressed better than many other countries in that regard.    

Name your favourite…


I love music and listen to different genres depending on what I feel like so I can’t pick one but currently, I am listening to a lot of Dermot Kennedy. 

Television show/movie

This is a hard one.  I do love a good legal drama.  Avatar is one of my all-time favourite movies. 

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