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We create a happy, healthy and connected workplace where we all thrive together.

We create a happy, healthy and connected workplace where we all thrive together.

Our leading wellbeing initiatives, such as our mental health and mindfulness workshops, support for employees walking or cycling to work and respect for our people’s work-life balance mean we’ve been recognised as leaders in workplace wellbeing.

The KeepWell Mark is an evidence-based accreditation and award that recognises Irish employers for investing in workplace health and wellbeing. The accreditation takes a holistic approach, focusing on eight key areas and how they impact the business. These eight areas of improvement are leadership, absence management, smoke free, physical activity, health & safety, mental health, healthy eating, and intoxicants.

RDJ is listed in Leading in Wellbeing Top 100 Companies 2024. The index, published by Ibec in partnership with Business and Finance, acknowledges companies across Ireland who are leading the way for employee wellbeing and have made a lasting impact on their employees and on the business community.

Our initiatives include:

  • RDJ Wellness Committee. A cross-office team that plan, promote, and implement wellness initiatives for employees to improve their mental and physical health.
  • Mental Health First Aid. A team made up of caring, fellow employees across the firm’s three offices who have received specialist training in how best to support a colleague who may be experiencing a mental health issue and in connecting them with appropriate support where needed.
  • Wellness rooms. Taking breaks during the workday is essential for maintaining optimal productivity, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Each of our offices has a designated wellness room that provides a quiet, soothing space where employees can decompress, meditate, or take a power nap. The space also accommodates employees with maternity needs.
  • Mental Health programme with Law Society Psychological Services. RDJ is currently participating in a pilot programme with the Law Society which is working to progress psychological wellness, grow a positive workplace culture promoting psychological wellness and building high impact professionals. RDJ is the first legal workplace in Ireland to collaborate with the Law Society on this pilot Programme which involves tailored psychologically-informed trainings, policy development, educational supports and enhancement of existing support services.
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