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Cyber Incident Response and Crisis Management Workshop

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Cyber Security

On Wednesday, 10 May, we hosted a Cyber Incident Response and Crisis Management workshop with RDJ partners Ricky Kelly and Jennifer Noctor and guest speakers Mark Fawcett and Joseph Dashwood from Control Risks.

In the workshop, attendees were able to experience what it’s like to be in a cyber crisis and contemplate the necessary steps their business should take to prevent and react to a cyber incident.

Successful cyberattacks can have serious financial implications for any business and cause significant reputational damage. In the immediate aftermath of a significant cyber incident businesses require end-to-end investigation, management and recovery support. RDJ have partnered with global risk consultancy firm, Control Risks to offer a 24/7 Incident Response service to meet such needs. Working alongside Control Risks, we assist clients in breach containment, crisis management, forensic investigations, notification of stakeholders, data subjects and data protection authorities. We also advise on regulatory investigations and claims arising out of privacy and security breaches.

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Ricky Kelly, Partner, RDJ LLP | E.

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