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Smart Construction is a podcast for construction professionals covering the latest in construction contracts.

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Episode One - Introduction to BIM and IP Rights ON BIM enabled projects

The use of level two Building Information Modelling (BIM) and upwards is a form of collaborative contracting and is a model that is shared among construction professionals in one coherent system rather than separate sets of 2D drawings. Arran Timms, Senior Project Manager at Virtus and Diarmaid Gavin, Corporate partner at RDJ join us to discuss some key considerations around intellectual property rights on a construction project generally and on a BIM enabled project.

Episode Two: Building Information Modelling - Lessons from the UK

UK government funded projects have been required to use BIM level 2 since 2016 and there have, since then, been several advancements and lessons learned in the UK in relation to the use of BIM on publicly funded projects. Finola McCarthy, Head of RDJ’s Construction practice and Nicholas Gould, Partner in Fenwick Elliot LLP, join us to discuss the UK’s experience with BIM.

Episode Three: Collaborative Contracting in Construction

Collaborative contracting can result in a more efficiently delivered project for less. Many contractors are using collaborative construction techniques to enable them to manage projects more efficiently. Building materials are more economically sourced and combined project meetings between contractors and sub-contractors are taking place. This collaborative approach, however, is not necessarily being driven by the form of construction contract in place between the parties and despite there being a number of more collaborative contracts available, the traditional form of contracts are still commonly used in Ireland. Alison Bearpark, RDJ Construction Partner is joined by Joe Salmon, Claims Director at ABB to discuss some of the collaborative clauses used in partnering contracts, such as information modelling, key performance indicators and multi-party collaboration.

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