Linda Kelleher

Linda Kelleher

Marketing Director, Cork Office

Linda Kelleher is Marketing Director at RDJ and is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s marketing and business development activities, including strategic planning, brand and creative, communications, and client development.

She leads a high-performance team focused on delivering strategic growth strategies for new and existing clients, and markets.

Linda has almost 20 years of marketing and business development leadership experience in law firms in both Ireland and the U.S.

She is a member of the firm’s Management Committee.


University College Cork (BA) (PGDip)

An employer is free to terminate an employee’s employment for no reason during probation and, even where it relates to poor performance, the employer is not obliged to observe fair procedure but where the termination is for misconduct fair procedures must be observed.
– No-Fault Dismissal (Insight)
Professional , attentive, competent and always looking out for what was best for us.
– John Mee, Sidero
Richard Martin is articulate without being slick and has the confidence to go off script, if not off-piste. He is frank and his answers appear considered rather than contrived. He is the sort of person you would trust to deliver bad news.
– Francesca Comyn, Legal Editor, The Currency