Supports for Business Startups

If you have a business idea and are ready to turn the concept into a reality, we want to help you achieve that reality. RDJ Startups is a unique resource providing free legal guidance to startups and early-stage companies.

Meet the team
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RDJ’s team of over 100 lawyers is experienced in providing a full range of legal services to startup and scaling companies across a wide range of business sectors. Our unique geographical footprint with offices in Cork, Dublin and Galway together with our strategic alliance with fellow TerraLex firms around the globe, allows us to offer you unparalleled service and access to markets and financing worldwide.

We are committed to providing each and every client with high quality advice, exceptional service and innovative solutions based on a thorough understanding of their business and their commercial objectives. Our lawyers concentrate on sectoral expertise, offering co-ordinated and industry-focused legal advice in areas such as corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, commercial property, employment, intellectual property and data protection, tax and dispute resolution.


Our startup team assists promoters in all areas of a company’s growth including:

  • Company structure and formation
  • Funding
  • Tax
  • Intellectual property
  • Data protection
  • Property
  • Employment

The RDJ Start up Guide

Getting Started

A thoughtful and thorough business plan is essential for presenting your ideas to potential business partners and finance providers.

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Choosing the right business vehicle

What kind of company should you form? As a new venture, it's vitally important that you choose the right business structure.

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Financing your startup

Funding is a critically important topic for all new startups. Learn about the options available for financing your business idea

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Just like any business, a startup needs to pay its taxes. Getting tax advice as early as possible can avoid problems down the road.

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Intellectual Property

For the vast majority of knowledge-based startups, intellectual property (“IP”) is the business’s most important asset.

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Key Contracts

Once a new company has been formed, a number of key legal agreements and documents must be put in place.

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Legal Templates

Key legal templates are available to download.


Legal Templates

Pro Forma Ltd. Company Constitution

It makes sense to incorporate - take the first step.

Download template

Mutual NDA

Your IP may be your most valuable asset. Protect it!

Download template

Pro Forma Investment Term Sheet

Are you investment ready? Discover what your investor may be looking for.

Download template

Minutes of First Board Meeting

Key matters for you to consider at your first board meeting following incorporation.

Download template

Standard ESOP

Your team is important. Keep them incentivised with an opportunity to participate in the business.

Download template

Consultant Contractor IP & Confidentiality Agreement

Ensure the help doesn't become a hindrance - secure your assets!

Download template

Great to see a law firm thinking differently, actively reaching out to address issues for so many startups. Entrepreneurs starting out fall into the same traps which can impede investment and growth. This site helps them avoid many of the common pitfalls on concentrate on what they do best, turning ideas into reality
– Pat Phelan - Serial Tech Entrepreneur