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We know that your reputation, like ours, is one of your most valuable assets. A well-respected brand takes years to build and minutes to destroy.

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Business Reputation

In an increasingly connected and content-driven world, reputations can be tarnished instantly and result in significant loss of business, revenue and goodwill.

Threats to reputation and brand derive from a variety of sources including social media, litigation, regulatory investigations, published content, intellectual property infringement, defamation, misuse of private information, hacking and cyber security crises, data breaches, employees’ out of hours activities, human error and criminality and occupational stress/injury/discrimination.

With our multi-disciplinary teams of sectoral experts, we work closely with clients to develop both online and off-line reputation management strategies, to anticipate and minimise threats to reputation, to create water-tight policies and to respond appropriately and expeditiously when a crisis emerges in order to protect business brands and talent.

How we can help you to protect and manage your Corporate Reputation


RDJ boasts one of the most experienced media law teams in Ireland. We engage with clients to rethink their attitude to reputational risk and to take a preventative approach to litigation and reputation management. We offer:

  • Reputation Health Checks analysing potential threats to an organisation’s reputation.

  • Tailored compliance and policy material to tackle reputational threats in respect of areas such as liability for user generated content online, social media, avoiding defamation, breaches of privacy and intellectual property infringement, cyber security and compliance with professional ethical and legal obligations.

  • Development of a bespoke Reputation Crisis Plan.

  • Education and training of board members and employees in reputation management skills.

  • Tailored seminars/briefing sessions on topics such as social media, defamation, privacy, intellectual property, and cyber security.

  • Pre-publication/pre-broadcast advice on potentially contentious material including press releases, website content, blog posts, advertising and social media campaigns.


When a serious threat to reputation arises, we have specialist expertise offering advice on the protections afforded by the law to commercial clients to quickly and effectively manage reputational aspects of business-critical crises. Our years of experience advising high profile print, broadcast and online media organisations equips us with a unique perspective into how the media works enabling us to deliver solution focused and practical advice. We offer:

  • Commercial advice on taking/defending defamation, privacy, cyber security and intellectual property infringement litigation at all court levels.

  • Advice on the non-monetary remedies available under the Defamation Act 2009 such as apologies, declaratory orders, correction orders, and injunctive relief to prevent the publication of a defamatory statement.

  • Specialist expertise in online defamation and advice on notice and takedown procedures from social media platforms, on legal options available to identify anonymous posters of defamatory material and the implications of republishing or hyperlinking to a defamatory post.

  • Advice on the interaction of legal and PR teams to manage a response to a crisis, media exposure and to protect the reputation of a business and its key individuals and minimise the reputational fallout of litigation.

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RDJ are specialists when it comes to the law as it pertains to the media, and have a specific team who are highly versed in intricate and complex areas such as defamation and the GDPR
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