Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming an integral part of global economic and commercial activities, irrespective of sector or scale. It is inevitable that every business will encounter AI technologies that will change the way they operate, whether that is by way of innovations to drive efficiencies, better meet customer needs or in the services received from third parties.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming, continually, the way we work, build and think. This presents us all, from industry to policymakers to consumers, with a range of legal, moral and compliance-related challenges, balancing out those opportunities and making the smart and appropriate use of AI, and the implementation of appropriate governance structures, critical for all organisations.

The rapid development of AI technologies has raised concerns about potential risks. As companies continue to explore how they can leverage the benefits of AI, the RDJ advisory team can assist in navigating the ever-evolving landscape for the use of AI technologies as part of business and operations, advising on the impact and requirements of existing laws (as they apply to the AI field) and future regulations, and addressing legal challenges and identifying and mitigating risks specific to your business as part of your wider AI governance/strategy framework.

Our advisory AI team, made up of experienced solicitors from across the firm’s Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property, Corporate and Commercial, Employment, Media and Regulatory practices, regularly engage with clients looking to understand and respond to legal frameworks as they deploy AI tools.

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